A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Project R.O.O.M is an experimental game originally made for Ludum Dare 47 in  two days, early October 2020.

The Theme for Ludum Dare 47 was "Stuck in a Loop" and I took it the literal way.

The game is designed to leave the player feeling uneasy and helpless.

For a more immersive experience, don't forget to wear headphones.

Have fun! :))


Some (relatively) cool features:

  • The game contains no light sources. It's all emissive material.
  • I drew every texture (literally all of them) by hand.
  • Some sound effects used in this project are royalty-free samples from freesound.org, Although I edited them all using Audacity; The rest I made myself.
  • [SPOILERS] : I have created portals that work seamlessly, guarantied.
  • Source Code is available in my github, so  make sure to check it out if you are curious about how it works.


Key Bindings:

  • W A S D - roam around
  • Mouse - look around
  • Hold Shift - walk slower
  • Hold Control - crouch
  • Space - jump
  • K - for kys (reload)


Install instructions

No installation needed, hopefully you won't face any problems running it.


Project ROOM v0.4 Win.rar 13 MB
Project ROOM v0.4 Linux.rar 14 MB
Project ROOM v0.4 LD47 Mac.zip 20 MB
Project ROOM v0.3 Win.rar 13 MB
Project ROOM v0.3 Linux.rar 14 MB

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